Experience Bali With The Ultimate Two Week Itinerary

Two weeks in Bali really isn’t enough time to explore this island.  But when work dictates the length of time you have, you have to just work with it.  If you can afford to spend an extra week in Bali doing this itinerary, you’ll be able to enjoy a much more sedate way of travelling- which with children is much more ideal.

We managed with this itinerary that I planned, and it worked out fine.  Some days we were perhaps a bit more tired then others (probably more down to the age of our youngest who was 13 months old and very very clingy but with an inane need to be independent too).  But we managed and loved the experience.  If anything we felt by the end of our trip that we’d seen a considerable amount of Bali that if and when we return, we’ll know exactly what places we’d spend longer at and the places that we felt we could perhaps skip.

While I could tell you which places they were, I honestly think that with Bali is comes down to personal preference and what you like the most about holidaying.  So this itinerary allows you the chance to experience quite a vast amount of Bali.

But of course, Bali isn’t a small island and this itinerary keeps to car journeys that don’t take hours for the sake of the children.  For this reason we avoided the north of Bali (which sounds beautiful and remote).  We also avoided the islands including the Gili Islands (which I think we’ll do from the Lombok side) and Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan which are great for scuba diving but perhaps not ideal with ultra young children unless you can hire a nanny.

1. Flight

2. Land in Bali.  Head to Seminyak. We stayed at Brown Feather Hotel for £153.00 (no breakfast).

3. Kynd Community for Breakfast. Sea Circus for Dinner. Mad Pops for dessert.

4. Breakfast at Livingstone. Spend the day at La Laguna. The Holy Crab for dinner.

5. Drive to Ubud. En route visit Tegenungan waterfalls.  We stayed at Padi Bali Eco Villas for £210.00 (with breakfast).

6. Visit a traditional Balinese healer known as a Balian.

7. Get a driver to visit Tegallalang rice terraces where you can also experience one of the instafamous swings. Head to Titra Empul afterwards.

8. Book a Balinese massage and flower bath at Karsa Spa. Head to Locovore for dinner. (We hired a nanny on this day.  Details to follow).

9. Drive to Sanur.  En route head to Mepantigan Bali. Stay at The Oasis Lagoon Sanur for £126.00 (with breakfast and a private pool).

10 Visit the Turtle Conservation and Education Center.

11 Drive to Uluwatu.  We stayed at the Bubble Hotel Bali.

12 Drive to Jimbaran.  We stayed at the Fox Harris Jimbaran Beach for £55.00 (with breakfast).

13 Late afternoon Flight home.

14 Arrive home.

This is our exact itinerary, so if you follow me on Instagram and you want to replicate our experience this is what we did.  Having experienced it all, there are changes to accommodation that I’d make if we returned.  The Padi Bali Eco Villas would be wonderful to stay at without young children, but with the children we were quite far out of the main town and we had very limited menu options.  Staying closer to Ubud would have been more ideal.  Without children we wouldn’t have been so restricted because we wouldn’t have had to consider bedtimes, we could have rented our own moped or we could have just stayed out longer and returned by taxi late at night.

With extra time we would have increased our stay along the Seminyak side, perhaps heading up to Canggu for a good few days as well.  We would also have considered staying in Jimbaran longer and perhaps explored more cliffside places around the Uluwatu region.  If your flight home doesn’t take the two days it takes us these are potential add ons towards the end or beginning of your holiday that wouldn’t take too much effort.

I will be writing up a resources post for Bali.  It’ll include a great driver we met int he Ubud region and the nanny that we used for the one day mentioned.  I’ll also tell you about apps you need to download before you go.


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  1. I’m so jealous of this itinerary-we went to Bali a few years back and was amazing; but only went for a few days and only had one day in Ubud’ which I was gutted about!


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