Welcome to our family travel diary.  This little space is a place where we can write down our experiences and hopefully share them with like-minded families.

We don’t travel full time, although it’s a much lusted after dream.  So when we do travel we usually have a set amount of time in which to explore and enjoy a change in culture.

For many families I think that’s the reality of travelling once you have children.  We’re all stuck within some sort of life routine.

So when we do book those flight tickets, we really like to make the most of it!

I’ll be including itineraries and travel tips as well as reviewing the places we stay and of course the activities and experiences we are lucky to encounter.

Who we are:

elephant jungle sanctuary

Donna is the blogger behind Mamas Travel Tribe and is the main photographer too.  She grew up as a third culture kid, which is probably why she feels at home traveling the world.  Born in Hong Kong to a British father and a Filipina mother, she spent her youth in Singapore, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Jesse is the practical soul that often looks at Donna’s jam packed itineraries and brings it down to a more realistic, manageable level.  His day job is in film and tv, which often sees him hot trotting it around the globe. He worked on The Fast and the Furious in Iceland and was on set for The Mummy when they were on location in Namibia.

William is four-years old.  He loves travelling because of the uninterrupted time he gets with both of his parents.  He’s adventurous but he’s also cautious.  A great mix when it comes to travelling around.  He would eat ice cream every day if he could, in particular chocolate ice-cream.

Evie is the newest member to the tribe.  She’s a mere 8 months old.  She’s particularly laid back and content, which makes travelling with her enjoyable.  She’s not overly keen on going to bed at night time, whether that’s at home or away.  Thankfully she’s not miserable with it.  Just awake.

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